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May 9, 2022

34 | Strategies for Strong Broker Relationships, Cold-Calling, and Lead Follow-Up with Brad Milburn

34 | Strategies for Strong Broker Relationships, Cold-Calling, and Lead Follow-Up with Brad Milburn

Brad Milburn is a multifamily real estate sales agent in San Diego, CA. Real estate investor and former Navy SEAL.

Let’s tune in to his story!

[00:01 - 09:33] Unlock Limitless Achievement Through Real Estate

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  • The importance of having good broker relationships in order to get the best deal
  • The most attractive aspect of the industry - no limit to what you can achieve
  • Brad gives tips on how to become an expert cold caller

[09:34 - 18:35] Practical Tips to Leverage in Deals

  • The key is to get the person on the phone and try again
  • Off-market offers could work if the seller was motivated by other reasons
  • Considering investment goals to get the most out of the transaction
  • Investors and brokers look at the size of the unit and not the number of units
  • Essential questions to ask the seller - get into the details

[18:36 - 30:46] Keys to Networking and Better Relationships

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  • The pros and cons of off-market deals
  • Familiarity with the buying process is key

[30:47 - 41:15] The Legacy Round

[41:16 - 42:30] Closing Segment

Connect with Brad on  Linkedin. Check out his website! Shoot them an email at BRAD@THEBROWARGROUP.COM.

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