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May 23, 2022

36 | The Concept of Forced Appreciation and Cash Out REFI

36 | The Concept of Forced Appreciation and Cash Out REFI

Today we are joined by Yosef Lee, Yosef is a Believer, Father, Lawyer, Multifamily Apartment Syndicator, and Investor, He started his journey of investing in a cash-flowing multifamily apartment as a tool to create passive income streams and achieve generational wealth through freedom & control of T/P/O (Time, Place, Occurrence).

Let’s tune in to his story!

[00:01 - 15:32] Staying Away from the Rat Race

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● Welcoming today’s guest, Yosef Lee!
● His first 43 Unit Multi-Family Apartment

[15:33 - 27:33] Constantly Finding direction In Achieving Goals.
● Religiously creating a to-do list for prioritization.
● The importance of research when investing and Networking.

[27:34 - 33:37] Forced Appreciation and Cash Out Real Estate Fund Intelligence
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● Yosef’s first deal opens him to the concept of Forced Appreciation and Cash Out REFI

[33:38 - 38:07] Legacy Round
● One Slice of Wisdom:“No matter what, fall in love with the process, not with the results” – Yosef Lee
● Three Terms: Net Operating Income and Capitalization rate, Cash Out REFI
● Yosef’s Recommendations
MIH Mastermind Group
Rich Dad Poor Dad
Jake and Gino Syndication
Wheelbarrow Profits Thanks for listening to Multifamily by the Slice!

[38:08 - 39:20] Closing Segment
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