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May 30, 2022

37 | How A Small Purchase Turned Into A Large Investment with Ramsey Blankenship

37 | How A Small Purchase Turned Into A Large Investment with Ramsey Blankenship

Born and raised in Southwest Louisiana, Ramsey Blakenship joined the US Navy shortly after graduating high school. He is currently a Master Chief Petty Officer Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) Technician in the US Navy Special Operations. His day job involves defeating the Improvised Explosive Device (IED), rendering safe weapons of mass destruction, hostage rescue, underwater mine countermeasure, and conducting direct action missions. As a free-fall parachutist and Navy diver, Ramsey understands the importance of paying attention to detail while working under pressure. Ramsey is an experienced investor specializing in converting distressed properties into income-producing assets.

He is an active partner in Real Focus Capital Investments, a co-host of the Gorilla State Podcast, and currently owns several multi-family properties across the United States. He is a graduate of Multifamily University, a member of the MultifamilyU investor group, and founder of the Real Estate Podcast Hosts and Guests Facebook Group. He currently lives in San Diego, CA. is married to his beautiful wife Hope, and is a father of two.

[00:01 - 15:32] Ramsey Introduces Himself

● Fortune Cribs helps investors buy short-term rentals and select markets across the country for as little as 10% down with no cash-on-cash returns in the 20-30% range. Go to and book your free consultation now.

● Ramsey serves in the navy for 16 years.

o Ramsay Doesn’t like the idea of working for the government after retiring
he looks for better options to exit.

● Ramsey shares his background and how he got into real estate.

o Selling his house

o Buying his first duplex

● How a small purchase turned into a large investment

o Buying small houses to buying a duplex to buying an apartment complex.

[15:33 - 26:32] How to syndicate your first deal

● Nowadays People can partner with others to bring different assets to the table in order to increase their chances of success.

● Importance of starting small and growing bigger.

● It takes time, effort, and networking to succeed in real estate.

[26:33 - 33:37] Don’t Ask! Just Show People What You Can Do

● Want to know the best-kept secret when it comes to investing in single or multifamily flips? Hire an interior designer. Elevate your design, reconfigure your floor plans and develop functional spaces all to maximize your ROI. Just reach out to Melanie at

● Ramsey Talks about his podcast and Building his Network.

● Don’t chase people, don’t chase money, let people come to you.

● Hiring a coach, having a mentor, and learning the ropes.

[33:38 - 38:24]

● Ramsey Shouts “Respect Your Time!”

● One Slice of Wisdom

“If you change the way you think you change your thoughts, you change your actions, if you change your actions, you change your results, if you change the results, you change your life.”

● Three Terms: Economy of Scale

● Yosef’s Recommendation

The One Thing

From Middle Class to Millionaire

[38:08 - 39:20] Closing Segment

Connect with Ramsey via facebook or visit learn more.

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