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June 13, 2022

39 | How to be a Successful Real Estate Investor with Data Analysis with Michael Messner

39 | How to be a Successful Real Estate Investor with Data Analysis with Michael Messner

Today, we are joined by Michael Messner, The son and brother of architects, Michael has a background in technology and data analysis and an MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business. He manages a portfolio of multifamily real estate in the Midwest. Michael founded Mattanza Capital to achieve scale and efficiency in his growing portfolio of properties. Let’s listen to Mike as he shares great tips on how to be successful with data analysis, and how you should optimize your goals by knowing yourself and what you’re good at and use it to your advantage. So, with no further ado let’s get into it.

[00:01 - 06:23] Michael Introduces Himself

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  • Michael comes from a real estate background, and is currently running his own firm
  • He recently closed on a few deals, and is growing fast
  • Mike's optimism is sky high, and he agrees with his brother that the market is right, sizing itself.

[06:23 - 10:18] Most Transferable Skills from Previous Career into the Real Estate Industry

  • Born and raised with family members that pursued architecture eventually went to the business side of architecture.
  • Development completely stopped and was really cool for many years, which is why we're seeing the tight inventory we are now, which drove prices up so much over the past five years.

[10:18 - 19:50] How to be a successful real estate investor with data analysis skills

  • Being able to analyze data is a huge advantage in real estate investing
  • Michael's first deal was in Southern California, which was difficult because of the high prices and low rental yields
  • He learned how to use a broker's software to access the MLS and target high-yielding properties
  • With this strategy, he was able to invest in properties across the Midwest and now has a successful real estate business.
  • Michael Underwrites Dozens of Properties in St. Louis
  • Mike discusses how after years of doing this, they have developed a system for underwriting multifamily properties.
  • Emphasizing on the importance of understanding the unique market conditions in each location.
  • Mike recommends buying in different parts of the country to gain a variety of experience and knowledge.’

[19:51 - 31:50] Knowing your skill sets

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  • Mike shares how to increase turnout on your first Webinar
  • He think it's very important to know what your skill sets are.
  • How writing a Letter Buys Property for 170% Over Market Value

[31:52 - 42:54]

  • Mike Shouts “Be Kind to One Another!”
  • One Slice of Wisdom
    • “There are a lot of ways to make money. And then, this is not just about the money,.”
      – Michael Messner
  • Two fully defined terms: PGI, NOI and Cap Rate
  • Michael’s Recommendations
  • Rental Property Investing
  • Real Estate Math Demystified.
  • Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book

[43:59 - 44:58] Closing Segment

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