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June 27, 2022

41 | Achieving Above Average Returns with Brian Campa

41 | Achieving Above Average Returns with Brian Campa

Brian Campa is the Managing Principal at Shield Equity Group, a real estate investment company. His mission is to create passive income for aspiring and novice investors through buying, financing, and managing apartment complexes. He has 10+ years of experience in property and asset management, including time spent with a publicly-traded industrial REIT.

[00:01 - 07:23] Multi-family Investor Brian Campa Talks Oklahoma City Investing

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  • Brian Campa is an investor who primarily invests in the Oklahoma City
  • How an Undergraduate's Education in Facility and Property Management Led to a Career in Real Estate
  • One must be able to Understand how huge mechanical systems work to understand real estate fundamentals, including reading rent rolls and interpreting income statements.

[15:21 - 22:55] How to Grow a Portfolio or Build Your Investment Network

  • The model there was very different from what I was doing prior to going into multifamily and understanding where the value was in multifamily
  • Working with  C class, which is much more valuable than A or B class
  • Property management experience: getting calls directly from tenants
  • Want to know the best-kept secret when it comes to investing in single or multifamily flips? Hire an interior designer. Elevate your design, reconfigure your floor plans and develop functional spaces all to maximize your ROI. Just reach out to Melanie at

[35:26 - 42:48] Closing Segment

  • Rod Shouts “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?”
  • One Slice of Wisdom
    • “Don't try to do this on your own”
      – Brian Campa
  • Defined terms: “Lost to Lease, Reserves, Replacement Value
  • Rod’s Recommendations
  • Real Estate Tax Smart

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“In this market that we're in the deals are already tight, if you find yourself in a bad spot and you're not. You're not cash heavy and there's nothing to lean back on. You're gonna be in a world of hurt. And that's a big part of our underwriting is we make sure we have enough buffer there at doomsday event won't put us underwater” - Brain Campa

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