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July 11, 2022

43 | Creative Financing and BRRR-BBnB Know-Hows with Blake Dailey

43 | Creative Financing and BRRR-BBnB Know-Hows with Blake Dailey
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Blake Dailey absolutely loves real estate and the power it has to completely change a person's finances and how it can open up their world to new possibilities. It has done exactly that for his wife and him when they were in their first year and reached the point of financial independence with their properties, where our net cash flow exceeded his W2 income.

[00:01 – 07:10] Opening Segment

● Fortune Cribs helps investors buy short-term rentals and select markets across the country for as little as 10% down with no cash-on-cash returns in the 20-30% range. Go to and book your free consultation now.

● Blake’s beginnings and how he used VA Loans to jumpstart his journey

[07:11 – 14:06] Get Creative with Your Financing

· Creative financing for you

· How to Close a Deal

o Find a deal

o Have capital

o Get experience

[14:07 – 19:54] BRRRR-BnB Know-Hows

· Blake’s BRRRR-BnB Strategies

· Blake shares how he first started with BRRRR-BnBs

· How to Manage the Workload

· Want to know the best-kept secret when it comes to investing in single or multifamily flips? Hire an interior designer. Elevate your design, reconfigure your floor plans and develop functional spaces all to maximize your ROI. Just reach out to Melanie at

[19:55 - 26:32] Slice of Knowledge

● Blake’s Final Words

○ “Don’t sell anything.”

● One Slice of Wisdom

○ “Find where you can bring value.”

● Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary

○ Cash-on-cash return



● Books and Masterminds to Try

○ Who NOT How

○ Never Split the Difference

Reach Blake through

Instagram: @blakejdailey

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“You gotta be like a puzzle maker. You have got to find the pieces of every deal and put them together to make a really great deal.” - Blake Dailey

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