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Sept. 18, 2022

53 | Finding Multifamily Success Through Right Partnerships with Lisa Parrish

53 | Finding Multifamily Success Through Right Partnerships with Lisa Parrish

Greg and Lisa Parrish have been married since 1999 and real estate partners since 2003. They began as residential Realtors in Arizona's strong real estate market. In 2007, when residential real estate became difficult, they decided to raise money to buy their first apartment complex. By 2009, they had moved their family to North Carolina to manage that apartment complex. Over the years, Greg and Lisa grew their business and managed 222 units over time.

Family is top priority for the Parrish’s and having the pleasure of being able to combine career and family is an advantage words cannot describe.

[00:01 - 14:00] Residential Real Estate Agent Turned Multifamily Mentor

  • Lisa talks about how she got her start in real estate
  • Stepping up from property managers to real estate partners
  • Finding joy in helping others in their real estate journey

[14:01 - 27:06] Real Estate Success Strategies

  • Vetting partners before starting a business venture
  • Having a clear vision and goals for your business
  • Maintaining healthy relationships with partners,brokers and clients
  • Keeping your own identity
  • Finding the right coach to help guide you

[27:07 - 26:51] The Legacy Round

  • Drinks with a broker turned to an business opportunity
  • Turning a deal into a business partnership
  • Buying properties in Columbia, South Carolina

[26:52 - 33:21] Slice of Knowledge

  • Lisa’s Final Words: ”I loved my family more than anything, and I left this world a better place.”
  • One Slice of Wisdom: ”Be careful who you decide to work with.”
  • Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: Relationship, Integrity, Trust
  • Books and Masterminds to Try: Ryan and Tyler, Multifamily Mindset, E-Myth Revisited

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Don't get greedy and think just about money. Think about the people and the relationships.

That's what this is about.” - Lisa Parrish

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