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Oct. 3, 2022

55 | The Power Of Saying No To A Deal with Clif Luber

55 | The Power Of Saying No To A Deal  with Clif Luber
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Clif Luber started Upward Capital in 2020. He is also a Supply Officer in the United States Navy.  Clif’s real estate experience includes Multifamily (Apartments), RV Parks and Campgrounds, as well as short term rentals. As a co-founder of Upward Capital, he is dedicated to helping veterans, young professionals, and families invest and build financial freedom with real estate joint ventures and syndications. Clif is excited about real estate because of its ability to improve people’s lives.

[00:01 - 18:47] Knowing When to Say No

  • Developing time management skills and blocking activities on the calendar
  • Looking at the deal from a financial point of view to see if it can work
  • Making sure the deal has a good return on investment
  • Ensuring that the team and people leading the deal are trustworthy

[18:48 - 32:08] Getting into the RV space

  • RV space is suitable for investors who can make deals but are risk-averse
  • There is insufficient data about RV parks, making management difficult
  • Not just serving short-term tenants, but also long-term renters

[32:09 - 34:22] The Legacy Round

  • Learning to grow your investor network
  • Don’t be discouraged by deal rejections

[34:33 - 43:29] Slice of Knowledge

  • Clif’s Final Words:Invest on something not just finances but on your time and passion
  • One Slice of Wisdom: Talk to as many people about investing as you can and learn from them
  • Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: Equity, preferred returns,
  • Books and Masterminds to Try: Financial Freedom through Apartment Investing by Michael Blanc, The Acquirers Podcasts

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You gotta invest in something. And it doesn't have to be investing with your own finances. It can be with your time and with your passion and with your thoughts. -Clif Luber

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