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Dec. 26, 2022

67| How to Scale Your Business and Knowing What to Prioritize With Buddy Rushing

67| How to Scale Your Business and Knowing What to Prioritize With Buddy Rushing

Buddy Rushing is a former Marine Officer stationed at Camp Pendleton, California. He is a 2004 graduate of the United States Naval Academy, earning a degree in Aerospace Engineering (if you can believe it).

[00:01-12:56] Diving into White Feather Investments

  • Buddy shares about his background and how he got into real estate
  • Helping military people and their families create financial freedom through real estate

[12:57-17:39] Scaling Up the Business

  • Ask yourself “How much are you working?”
  • Have systems in place, build a great team, and become hyperfocus on your goals

[17:40-26:40] Legacy Round

  • Building an investor network is an important part of finding long-term success
  • Find people that think like you and are ahead of you to help you succeed

[26:41-41:46] Slice of Knowledge

  • Tasks that help you become successful: Mapping out Google Calendar
  • One Slice of Wisdom: the only thing that will change your life is your action
  • Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: leverage, cash on cash return, partners
  • Books and Masterminds to Try: Bigger Podcasts,

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The only thing that will ever change your life is action. It's not a business card”- Buddy Rushing

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