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Jan. 19, 2023

69| Exploring the Benefits of Note Investing in Real Estate with Jasmine Willois

69| Exploring the Benefits of Note Investing in Real Estate with Jasmine Willois

Jasmine R. Willois founded The Note Assistance Program, which educates professionals on buying non-performing mortgages. She has decades of experience in economics, marketing, real estate and Wall Street trading, and also hosts a podcast on mortgage note investing. She is a speaker and advocate for responsible investing and serves on boards.

[00:01-13:58] The Hidden World of Note Investing

  • Note investing involves buying the mortgage paperwork or "notes" behind a property
  • Notes and mortgages are attached to the underlying asset

[13:59-27:31] Buying Non-Performing Mortgage Loans: Navigating Complexities

  • Buying loan notes is difficult and requires connections
  • Due diligence is crucial when buying notes

[27:31-31:48] Legacy Round

  • Note investing is suitable for those with a finance background
  • Note investing can complement a portfolio for long-term gains

[31:49-37:00] Slice of Knowledge

  • Lasts Words: Make money and go to Heaven
  • One Slice of Wisdom: You can be the bank
  • Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: Knowing your paper
  • Books and Masterminds to Try: Multifamily by the Slice, Making Notes Podcast, Naked Notes, Invest in Debt

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But at the end of the day, the bond market dwarfs the stock market, because that's where the real money is.”- Jasmine Willois

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