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April 10, 2023

80| How to Revolutionize Your Multi-Family Investments: Insider Tips and Strategies with Anthony Walker

80| How to Revolutionize Your Multi-Family Investments: Insider Tips and Strategies with Anthony Walker
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Anthony Walker is the CEO and Managing Broker of Buckingham Investments, a 60-year-old Southern California investment real estate brokerage. During his tenure, he has presided over $1 billion in sales and leveraged his brokerage experience to develop an extensive portfolio of multi-family and commercial properties in one of the most challenging markets in the country. Anthony has also been the sponsor and principal in the acquisition and sale of numerous multi-family and ground-up construction syndications. He frequently teaches seminars on various aspects of investing and has been an invited guest speaker at multiple educational institutions and trade organizations throughout Southern California. Anthony believes that real estate wealth is not created only at the time of purchase, but well before an investment is ever made, through education and planning.


[00:01 - 06:44] Opening Segment 

[06:45 - 15:00] Building a Successful Portfolio 

[15:01 - 21:38] Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities of California's Rental Market 

[21:38 - 28:03] Exploring San Diego's Real Estate Market 

[28:04 - 34:19] Cultivating Broker Relationships and Expanding Your Portfolio 

[34:20 - 47:34] Legacy Round 

[47:35 - 55:21] Slice of Knowledge 


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“It's all about the relationships. It's all about reaching out in advance, trying to learn about people. Be genuine. ”-Anthony Walker

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