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May 1, 2023

83 I Multifamily Real Estate Investments, Raising Capital and Valuable Nuggets on Networking with Jack Krupey

83 I Multifamily Real Estate Investments, Raising Capital and Valuable Nuggets on Networking with Jack Krupey
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Jack Krupey invested in small-multifamily real estate in the early 2000s and managed billions of dollars of institutional money during the financial crisis. He launched Gemini Capital Advisors/PRP Advisors, which provided him with the "insider insight" and knowledge he uses on behalf of investors today. By 2014, Jack was successfully investing his own money and managing over $3 billion in investor capital despite a global financial meltdown. In 2018, he launched JKAM Alternative Investments in order to share the benefits of investing in syndicated, multifamily deals offering passive, reliable, above average returns and tax advantages that protect time and profit rather than eroding them.

Today, Jack has dedicated himself to helping accredited investors access the education, investment opportunities, and connections that will enable them, too, to create Wealth without Wall Street.

[00:01 - 05:55] Learning Secret Strategies and Insights from Real Estate Experts  05:55 - 11:21] Experiences of Surviving the 2008 Financial Crisis and Building a Successful Syndication Business

[11:21 - 16:57] Investor reveals strategy for accessing top deals through partnerships with successful investors

[16:58 - 22:14] Invest in Distressed Mortgages with 70 Investments and Receive Tax-Qualified Dividends

[22:16 - 27:50] Learn how to invest in multi-family real estate 

[27:50 - 29:57] Expert advice for new real estate investors

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"It's better to join with successful investors that already have access to deal flow and a track record than try to recreate the wheel and start an operational intensive business for myself day one." - Jack Krupey

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