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I’ll Take A Slice……

Good podcast on real estate investing and business. The only drawback is you might get hungry thinking about Chicago Style pizza.

Very Informative Multifamily Podcast

Ike and Dre both do a great job of steering the conversation and adding value to the listeners. This one is certainly a must listen for anyone looking to learn about apartment investing. Keep up the good work guys! ✌️

Authenticity at its finest!

Every chance I get I try to listen to this podcast! I will become a great multifamily investor, and they will be apart of the reason!

One of the best titles

Ike and Dre are two terrific hosts with great chemistry and have immense knowledge of investing in apartments!

A great apartment investing podcast!

You have to give this a listen. Ike and Dre are well-versed investors that provide a unique approach to new apartment investing information.

Amazing content

Awesome Content and great guys


One of my new fav podcasts! Dre and Ike are great hosts!

Slices of value!

Ike & Dre are incredibly knowledgeable and connected in the multifamily space. Their podcast delivers a ton of value and I highly recommend checking them out! Had the pleasure of being a guest as well, excited for it to air! Keep crushing it guys 👊🎤

A wealth of knowledge

This Podcast provides an abundance of knowledge on real estate investing from numerous aspects that I’ve neglected up until this point. If you want to hear what professionals in the industry are doing, this is the Podcast you want to have your ears glued to. Dre and Ike ask great questions and are never hesitant to make sure listeners catching on to these “slices”. All in all, I tune in every week and even listen to older episodes to make sure I’m not missing any pertinent info. Way to go guys.

Great topics! I'm on Ep 10 now, talk about binge listening lol. Keep it up!!

Great for all experience levels!

This is a great podcast for all stages of experience. My husband and I love listening and are excited to implement the things we’ve learned. These guys don’t just talk the talk they show you how to walk the walk!! 🔥🔥

Great value

Tons of value for real estate investor!

Thank you the great podcast! I've been a fan ever since I discovered you on some Podcast Groups. Thinking of investing in Real Estate now, seems like a very good idea thanks to both of you! Keep making episodes!

Tremendous Value

Love this podcast and how Dre is all about passing the torch!

Helpful, easy to understand

I like how Ike and Dre apply real estate lessons to life, while making the investment principles easy to understand.

Always love listening to every podcast episode! Keep up the good work, Ike and Dre!


Great way to listen how others started and how to start taking action yourself! Very motivational!

Newbie listener, already enjoying!

I’m a novice investor but these conversations are great intros into the industry. Nice job Dre and Ike!

Solid, relatable and worthwhile

Ike and Dre do a great job showing how multifamily investing is doable for everyone, and have credible guests with clear insight into the space. Worth a listen!


One of the only shows that cuts out the fluff and gives listeners actionable insights to building wealth

Incredible investing pod!

Knowledgeable and super interesting! A must!

Great listen for investors if any level

I’ve listened to a fair amount of investment shows, but this is one of the first that’s truly demystified RE wealth creation to make it feel practical and accessible. This is amazing..


Great podcast a lot of great teachings definitely something to listen too in morning when your are on the move.

Wow… just wow!!!

This show gives a fresh take on multifamily investing. Do yourself a favor - subscribe and press play!

The best podcast out!!

This podcast changed my life.. Nothing but knowledge 🔥🔥

Check it!

Best podcast out! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Wealth of Knowledge

Dre is a wealth of knowledge and brings on valuable guests to teach his audience. Fun format keeps the listener engaged. Excited to learn from Dre!

Financial freedom must listen!

Truth be told, I have always been a little intimidated about multifamily investing and this podcast has taught me so much! Listen and take notes as Dre and Ike share their experience and expert advice and in all the facets of multifamily investing. Whether this is your first (like me) or your 10th, you will be glad you listened! Can’t wait for your next one. Thank you!

Awesome listen!


Awesome Podcast Filled with Gems

Dre and Ike provide great information. I have little knowledge about real estate and their insight help me a lot! Definitely want to listen to more episodes. Looking forward to learning more.