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Real Insightful

Great insight on many different aspects of real estate investing. Listening to the different stories and perspectives can help alleviate many of pitfalls we all run into when first getting started in investing in real estate.

Dre dropping Bombs!

This podcast is all you need to get into Multifamily. Between Dre and the guests he brings on, you’ll be set up for success after listening.

Great podcast!

Dre Evans and his business partner have a unique approach to what they do. Very valuable and essential content!

Inspirational & life changing

The hosts of the show are sincerely passionate about SHARING the knowledge and tools needed to be successful in the multifamily real estate business. The information from this show has the power to change lives! Hats off to a group of people so passionate about teaching others.


Great podcast from Ike and Dre. They are very authentic and engaging. Not to mention they both have sexy calming voices 😎 highly recommend this show

Tap into some free game on how to grow your portfolio

If you want free game, take a listen Dre and Ike are the experts 💪🏾. Grab your notepads they have some great Takeaways 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 download wherever you get your podcast.


A great, informational podcast. Will definitely be following as I navigate my own investment journey. Thanks guys!

Real Estate by the Slice

It’s been a great listen so far. I enjoy hearing the backgrounds of the guest being interviewed. It’s proof that there’s no cookie cutter way to enter real estate. Both Ike and Dre are good interviewers and really allow their guests to shine with knowledge and experience in every episode. I’m going to keep listening as I look to invest in my first multi family property within the next two years.

Amazing podcast with value !

Great insights from Ike & Dre. They have a great podcast presence, are engaging and interesting, and I learn a lot from their shows. Looking forward to future podcast episodes. 😎

Great details

Loving this podcast so far! These guys do a great job breaking down the details so you can understand how to do it yourself. Not many podcasts get into the fine details like this.

Great Podcast

Dre and Ike are solid gentleman and great podcast hosts! Definitely one to listen to and not miss an episode! Great work!

Gem Dropping Knowledge!

This podcast is a great way to learn about real estate especially for me who is just starting out. Hearing featured guests’ stories is insightful.

Great pod🔥🔥🔥

Great to hear new perspectives and information on how to get into the real estate game and win!

Big Slices of Knowledge!

Great podcast. Knowledge is clear, easily to understand, and plentiful. Keep it up fellas.


Anazing podcast - must listen! 🔥🔥🔥