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July 27, 2022

TLDR 45 | Success Strategies for Network-Focused Brokers with Danté Belmonte

TLDR 45 | Success Strategies for Network-Focused Brokers with Danté Belmonte

Danté Belmonte is a seasoned real estate investor and a top-performing real estate agent in Central New York. As an agent, Dante is focused on helping investors grow their portfolio of income-producing properties. He is the host of the “Make Money, Make Sense in Real Estate” Podcast. Danté has spent his most recent years acquiring and rehabbing small, multi-family buildings in New York and has been involved in more than 40 multi-family transactions. Danté hosts monthly real estate classes teaching other investors the best strategies for investing in real estate whether that is a passive or more active role. In his latest venture, as managing partner of Victory Capital Group, LLC, is dedicated to working with qualified, passive investors. Passive investors partner with Victory Capital Group, LLC on specific multi-family real estate investments in top cash flowing markets and allow their money to work for them.

[00:01 – 08:56] Opening Segment

  • Fortune Cribs helps investors buy short-term rentals and select markets across the country for as little as 10% down with no cash-on-cash returns in the 20-30% range. Go to and book your free consultation now.
  • How hoverboards kickstarted Danté’s real estate journey

[08:57 – 17:07] Success Strategies for Network-Focused Brokers

  • North Carolina is an attractive market to invest in!
  • Building networks helps speed up your real estate success
  • What Brokers Look for in Properties

[17:08 – 29:55] The Legacy Round

  • How to Get Yourself Out in the Market thru Social Media
  • The first investment served as Danté’s foundation
  • Want to know the best-kept secret when it comes to investing in single or multifamily flips? Hire an interior designer. Elevate your design, reconfigure your floor plans and develop functional spaces all to maximize your ROI. Just reach out to Melanie at

[29:56 – 38:17] Slice of Knowledge

  • Danté’s Final Words: “I hope I left legacy.”
  • One Slice of Wisdom: “Go bigger quicker.”
  • Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: Return metrics, Gross Potential Rent, Exit cap rate
  • Books and Masterminds to Try: The Encyclopedia of Commercial Real Estate Advice, The Hands-Off Investor

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“It continues to get easier as long as you have the systems, processes, and discipline in place.” - Danté Belmonte

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