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Aug. 24, 2022

TLDR 49 | How to Attract Investors and Build a Successful Multifamily Business with Jeffrey Donis

TLDR 49 | How to Attract Investors and Build a Successful Multifamily Business with Jeffrey Donis

Jeffrey Donis is a real estate investor and syndicator. As Jeffrey & his two brothers started investing in single family. The Donis brothers eventually built a portfolio of cash-flowing rentals and a six-figure business.

Their goal is to empower others to achieve their financial goals through apartment investing. The Donis Brother’s passion for helping people began at an early age and has bonded them as brothers and business partners.

The Donis Brothers are also the hosts of the Real Estate Monopoly Podcast, a show where they interview investors who are dominating the real estate industry.

Jeffrey is responsible for raising capital & investor relations at the Donis Investment Group.

[00:01 – 12:30] Opening Segment

·      Jeffrey shares his background and his current plans

·      Believe in yourself, grab your genius bottle, and overcome your limiting beliefs

[12:31 –22:00] How to Attract Investors and Build a Successful Multifamily Business

·      Being a minority in the commercial real estate space

·      Jeffrey’s Roles in His General Partner Deals

·      Capital Stacks and How it Affects Your Business

[22:01 – 28:25] The Legacy Round

·      Bringing equity to the deal by attracting limited partners

o  Go to conferences

o  Go on podcasts

o  Do email marketing

[28:26 – 31:33] Slice of Knowledge

·      Jeffrey’s Final Words: “God is good. Never give up.”

·      One Slice of Wisdom: “Read Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

·      Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: Depreciation, syndication, PPM document

·      Books and Masterminds to Try: The Power of Favor, The Best Ever Apartment Syndication Book, Think Multifamily

Reach Jeffrey

Website: www.donisinvestmentgroup.com

Podcast: The Real Estate Monopoly

Social Media: @donisbrothers

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