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Oct. 26, 2022

TLDR 58| Understand the "Why" of Getting Into Real Estate with Ting Ting & Elmar

TLDR 58| Understand the

Elmer and Ting Ting are two CPAs from the Northern Virginia area, and own a business in a residential redevelopment in the local area. They started out flipping properties in their local areas until they found their way into multifamily, because they realized that flipping properties is a more transactional version of investing in real estate. And have now exploded their talents in multifamily ever since.

[00:01 - 12:53] Managing Lifestyles in multifamily

  • Ting Ting and Elmer share how they got their start in real estate
  • Take your time going into real estate and be consistent
  • Balancing real estate, work and family life

[12:54 -20:25] Finding the right connections

  • Avoid making mistakes by learning from others
  • Learn to connect with networking group
  • Asking the right questions before investing

[20:26 - 25:23] Legacy Round

  • Building your network can help you succeed
  • Bring in people that can add value to you and your deal
  • Importance of having steady cash flow

[25:24 - 29:24] Slice of Knowledge

  • Ting Ting’s Final Words: “I lived my life. I have no regrets.“
  • Slice of Wisdom: “Don’t invest in single family. Just skip that and invest in both family right away.”
  • Recommendations: Multifamily by the slice

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“The goal is to be more involved with my family. It's never to chase the money.” - Ting Ting

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