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May 8, 2023

Video 84 | Practical Tips to Turn Your Skills into Success with Ian Lally

Video 84 | Practical Tips to Turn Your Skills into Success with Ian Lally
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Ian Lally is a sales oriented real estate investor focused on creative solutions to the challenges of building passive income. With seven years of sales experience across three different industries, along with building his own real estate businesses, Ian has a unique first-hand experience in understanding how & why people make the decisions they do. Actually, Ian is the Founder/Co-Owner at Prism Acquisitions.

[00:01 - 07:21] Introduction

[07:21 - 14:43] Leveraging Sales Experience to Understand How People Make Decisions in Real Estate

[14:43 - 22:28] How a Gut Rehab Turned a Six Unit into a Million Dollar Property

[22:28 - 29:46] Ian's Trajectory

[29:46 - 36:14] Ian's Advice on Building Resilience, Relationships, and Knowledge

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Tweetable Quotes:

"If you can figure out their problems that they're currently trying to solve and you help them to solve those problems, then it's gonna be a lot easier for you and for them." - Ian Lally

"People buy from people they like because there's that emotional element to it." - Ian Lally

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