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May 22, 2023

Video 85 | From Lease Options to Seller Financing: Part One

Video 85 | From Lease Options to Seller Financing: Part One
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Bill Tan, is a real estate and mortgage investment expert with over 30 years of experience. His clients rely on his business insight and industry knowledge to buy and sell properties and identify secured investment opportunities that generate a substantial monthly income. He is the Managing Member of the Los Angeles Real Estate Investors Association LLC (LAREIA) and the former president of the San Diego Creative Investors Association (SDCIA), one of the largest in the country, and the San Diego Cash Flow Association, an association of cash flow investors.

Bill Tan specializes in putting the tough real estate and note deals. His ability to think fast and creatively to develop effective strategies continually amazes clients and students alike. As a former real estate broker and long-time real estate exchanger, Bill is a “transactioneer” with few equals for real estate and note deals.

[00:01 - 07:57] Learning Unique Insights and Strategies from Real Estate Investing Expert Bill Tan

[07:58 - 16:30] How One Investor Learned to Become the Expert

[16:30 - 25:03] Unlocking the Benefits of Lease Options and Creative Financing Strategies

[25:04 - 34:05] Uncovering Creative Financing Strategies to Help Secure Your Future Real Estate Investment

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"So if you learn about taxation and you learn how you can save them taxes or be able to move it onto their heirs in a tax-deferred or tax-free manner, you really start to get their attention." - Bill Tan

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