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Welcome to the multifamily by the slice podcasts with your hosts Dre Evans and Ike Ekeh. On this show you'll gain unique perspectives from investors and professionals on all aspects of the apartment investing space. Do you want to achieve legacy wealth and live a life of financial freedom? Well, all it takes is that first slice of wisdom to get you started on the journey to building your empire. Please subscribe to the show, leave a five star review and pass it along to a friend that can benefit from a slice of multifamily knowledge. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

About the Hosts

Dre Evans Profile Photo

Dre Evans

Real Estate Investor/ Speaker/ Author/ Veteran / Go-Giver

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Dre Evans joined a gang on the South Side of Chicago at the age of 12. But one terrifying moment, with bullets flying past his head in an attempt to kill him, he had to decide: was his desire to belong and find reputation in the streets worth dying for? Just a few days prior, a man he considered his enemy spoke to him about the opportunity of a lifetime. What happened next shocked the city of Chicago and made history.

In 2016 Dre graduated from the U.S Naval Academy at the top of his class with a degree in Engineering and became an MIT Fellow and President Truman Scholar.

Dre’s journey into real estate started when he bought his first $2 million-dollar 4-unit property in San Diego. Today, Dre is the host of the #1 real estate meetup in San Diego called” Opportunity Knocks”, and is the host of the “Multifamily by the Slice” real estate podcast. He is also an expert on the San Diego rental market and was featured on KUSI News San Diego to talk about the economic outlook of real estate trends, housing, and rent growth within San Diego.

As the CEO of That's My Property, Dre is on a mission to inspire and uplift communities through real estate education and leadership. His firm also invests in apartment and commercial real estate to provide lucrative returns to investors to achieve legacy wealth.

Dre enjoys working out, reading, art, movies, traveling, and the beach.

Ike Ekeh Profile Photo

Ike Ekeh

Real Estate Investor | Public Speaker | Learner | Connector

Born & raised in San Francisco, CA and a first generation American whose parents immigrated from Nigeria, Ike has gone on to become a career investor with a $150M under management in public equities for high net worth investors & a growing portfolio of multifamily assets owned in solo ventures, partnerships & syndications.

Ike’s educational background consists of a Master’s in Business Admin & Master’s in Finance from the University of San Diego as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from San Diego State University.

Ike’s first foray into real estate investing came shadowing his parents as a child and watching them buy investment properties across the bay area. Since then, he bought his first property, a 4-plex in Phoenix AZ, and learned how to create a business around investing in real estate. Today, Ike owns 40+ units through his company Rubicon Asset Management & is the Co-Host of the “Multifamily by the Slice” real estate podcast. He is an expert on the macroeconomics of real estate and building teams to efficiently manage property remotely across the United States.

Ike lives in San Diego and enjoys golf as well as other sports, music, reading, traveling and meeting new people.