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Aug. 15, 2022

48 | VIDEO: Scaling a Property Management Company Amid the Economic Downturn with Jonathan New

48 | VIDEO: Scaling a Property Management Company Amid the Economic Downturn with Jonathan New

By 2018, Jonathan began raising over $1.06M of investor capital to actively acquire real estate in the Hampton Roads area, accomplishing 13 single-family flips, acquiring 16 single-family rentals, closing three multi-family syndications of 143 units total, including a 104 unit acquisition with Phil Capron, and overseeing $1.33M in renovations in both residential and commercial real estate. As of October 2020, Jonathan’s total portfolio accounts for $16.8M AUM.

[00:01 - 12:22] Working with the Economic Downturn

  • Scalability in the multifamily business
  • The importance of multiple exit strategies

[12:23 - 19:55] Owning a Property Management Company

  • Increasing NOI and property value
  • Advice for property management operators

[19:56 - 26:51] The Legacy Round

  • How to Build Your Investor Network
  • Want to know the best-kept secret when it comes to investing in single or multifamily flips? Hire an interior designer. Elevate your design, reconfigure your floor plans and develop functional spaces, all to maximize your ROI. Just reach out to Melanie at

[26:52 - 33:21] Slice of Knowledge

  • Final Words: “I love my kids.”
  • Slice of Wisdom: “Skip Single-Family.”
  • Multifamily Vocabulary: Yield on Cost, Equity Multiple, Cost Segregation
  • Recommendations: The Real Estate Syndication Show, Rocket Fuel

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“Having that secondary, even tertiary, or quaternary exit strategy is hyper important.” - Jonathan New

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