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March 28, 2023

78| Expert Insights on Mezzanine Gap Funding and Hard Money Lending with Brock VandenBerg

78| Expert Insights on Mezzanine Gap Funding and Hard Money Lending with Brock VandenBerg
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Brock VandenBerg founded TaliMar Financial in 2008, a leading hard money lender for residential and commercial real estate transactions. His career began in 2001 with KeyBank's Private Equity Group, funding $200M+ in mezzanine debt and joint venture equity. He also supervised the dissolution of banks and sold over $500M in loan assets for the FDIC.


[00:01 - 03:25] Opening Segment 

[03:26 - 14:56] Real Estate Investing and Hard Money Lending

[14:57 - 19:37] Legacy Round

[19:38 - 26:25] Slice of Knowledge   



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“When you're working with a hard money lender, you want to first understand what it is that they're landing on. Because, again, if they're brokering the loan out to somebody else, which is fine, but understand that that process might not be as smooth as working with somebody who may have direct access to capital.”- Brock VandenBerg

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