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Jan. 16, 2023

Achieving Success in Southern California's Niche Markets with Chi Nguyen

Achieving Success in Southern California's Niche Markets with Chi Nguyen
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Chi has over a decade of experience in real estate and management and leads a vertical in asset management from acquisitions to disposition at 7E Investments. Known for her entrepreneurial success, critical thinking, effective communication and attention to detail. She is committed to giving back and enjoys outdoor activities in her free time.

[00:01-12:04] From Rental Properties to Note Investing

  • Real estate note investing is a niche market
  • A good understanding of the niche can be a competitive advantage

[12:05-20:45] From Note Conference to First Note Investment

  • Networking with note sellers at conferences can lead to opportunities
  • Fear of losing money can be overcome by being prepared for the worst

[20:46-23:17] Legacy Round

  • Due diligence important for investment
  • Foreclosure can be a negotiation tool

[23:18-28:11] Slice of Knowledge

  • Lasts Words:Be thankful and be fearless
  • One Slice of Wisdom: Relationships are everything
  • Real Estate Multifamily Vocabulary: XIRR, DSCR, ROE
  • Books and Masterminds to Try: Invest in Debt by Jimmy Napier, Mastery by George Leonard

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Your first deal catapults catapults you into the rest of your career.”-Chi Nguyen

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