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April 5, 2023

TLDR 79| Unlocking Creative Financing Strategies with Gordon Moss

TLDR 79| Unlocking Creative Financing Strategies with Gordon Moss
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Gordon Moss, a seasoned real estate investor with over 25 years of experience, now owns and manages a portfolio of properties and notes full-time. He's passionate about the real estate and note investment industry and has developed several creative techniques to prosper in any market. Gordon is also a published author and a frequent speaker and panelist at real estate and investment meetings.


[00:01 - 05:53] Opening Segment 

  • Gordon shares his creative financing strategies and battle-tested tactics for investing in California's secondary market
  • Networking, patience, and old-school tactics are essential for success in real estate investing, according to Moss


[05:54 - 15:16] Real Estate Investing and Staying Motivated

  • Gordon got started in real estate investing at a young age and was inspired by Robert Allen's book "Nothing Down."
  • Gordon attended real estate meetups and seminars, even when he didn't understand all the jargon and concepts


[15:17 - 24:17] The Power of Options and Fundamental Strategies

  • Fundamentals of investing in single-family houses: buy with an option, put in little money, and hold forever.
  • Asymmetrical option allows leveraging a small amount of money to gain access to a larger deal.


[24:18 - 39:18] Closing Segment

  • Use Gordon's Pyramid of Success, which includes being a long-term thinker, buying and holding quality assets, and having a sustainable approach to investing
  • Find great mentors, have a big why, and adopt a wholesale mindset to become a bottom feeder in real estate and note investing   



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“Find a great mentor and find out what you can do for them.”-Gordon Moss

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